Your driver created the following fictional Questions and answers between a passenger and himself to make hi passengers smile.

“Where are you from?”. A cheerful passenger asked me.

“From East London”. I replied.

“I mean where you come from”. He asked.

“I came from home in East London”. I replied.

“No, no, no. Man I mean where are you born?”. He asked

“I was born at home because at that time hospitals were very from from my place”. I replied.

“No, no, no. I mean the place you were born from”. He asked.

“I was born from the belly of my mother”. I replied.

“No, no, no you silly. Don't you remember the place you were born from?”.

“I don't remember that. But I know where I was born from”. I replied.

“Now we are getting somewhere. OK, so where are you born from?”. He asked.

“I was born from natural birth passage of my mother”. I replied.

“Wow!!!! how lucky you are. You are the only one born from natural birth passage. The rest of us born from the other passage”. He replied.

“I thing I get it. My apology. I think you mean which country I came from”. I said.

“At last your intellect understood my question, well-done”. He siad.

“my apology again, I came from Kurdistan”. I said.

“Kurdistan!!! it is a paradise on earth, I have been there many times”. He said.

“Since when you left Kurdistan and came to United Kingdom?”. He added

“Not very long, only a few years ago, not more than 43 years ago”. I replied.

He exploded from laughter and said: “No wonder you speak very good English”.

“Wait!!! You have seen nothing yet. After another 43 years I learn to speak Queen's English”. I replied

Again he started to laugh and said: “can we stop at elephant and castle on the way?”

I said: “yes we can, which one you want first to stop at, Elephant or castle?”

He smiled and said: “That was nice, don't worry, I will tell you when we reach there”.

After a while he said: “Stop driver, this is elephant and castle”.

“No, this is not. I don't see any elephant or a castle”. I said.

“That is good one. I changed my mind, please take me to Canary Wharf”. He replied

“If you are going there to see canaries, don't bother. Today I was there, I didn't see any even not one one canary. Why don't you go to Isle of Dogs to get a dog for yourself”. I told him.

“No thank you. I have already a pet sheep and I don't have place for another pet”. He replied.

“OK, so you have a sheep. In that case why don't you go to Shepherd's Bush to get bush for your sheep”. I told him.

“tally-ho”. He he exclaimed.. “Well-done driver., take me to Shepherd's Bush to get bush for my sheep”. He added.

“Geronimo”. I exclaimed. “Shepherd's Bush, here we come”.I added.

“Wait driver, I am short of time. Shepherd's Bush is too far. Can you take me somewhere nearer to get bush for my sheep”. He asked

“Yes the nearest place to get bush is Hollybush Street”. I told him.

“well-done driver. Take me to Holly Bush Street. I want to give my sheep holly bush”.

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