Ahmad Accommodation Address and Mail Forwarding Service

Terms of business:

1- The term “We” means “Ahmad Accommodation Address and Mail Forwarding Service” or '3AMails'.
2- The term “You” means “a Customer”, which includes you, your partners, your associates, your employees and any one else acting on your behalf or your approval.
3- The term “mails” is the plural of “mail”, which is an ordinary letter that doesn't cost more than a UK first class stamp or an equivalent airmail stamp to abroad.
4- “Unpaid Mail” is a letter, the forwarding charge of which has not been paid in advance.
5- We charge one pound per mail, including the cost of forwarding.
6- Each mail forwarded by airmail to abroad counted as two letters.
7- We charge the cost of forwarding in advance.
8- Each time a minimum charge of £5.00 for 5 mails has to be made by each customer in advance.
9-Customers will be informed when they have unpaid mails.
10- unpaid mails kept for two weeks after that sent back to senders or disposed.
11- We undertake to forward all mails.
12- Customers undertake to pay for unpaid mails.
13- No mails allowed if the purpose of it is to incite hatred or illegal activity.
14- Customers are responsible for the contents of the mails sent to them.
15- We undertake to provide a professional service and cooperate with customers.
16- We can not be held responsible for whatever reason by any customer.
17- We only receive and forward mails. We could handle small parcels by arrangement.
18- Customers will be informed in advance if we have to change charges because of postal charge changes.
19-We keep details of all customers strictly confidential.